Our Vision

The project was born out of the conviction that public resources alone do not always protect and enhance cultural heritage, and that it is necessary to seek forms of intense collaboration between public and private, involving citizens directly. Art is becoming something for a few, our project wants to make art reachable by all the artists. Our Project want that art Reborn .
The idea was born meanwhile we walking around our city and seeing the cultural assets crumble in front of eyes of the citizens. At that time we asked ourselves: Why not find a way to restore a artwork? The Rinascimento project was born that day.
Our project wants to bring life back to Italian art . Through a fee system, our association will receive a profit to invest in the restoration of a work of art chosen by our partners.

Holidays in Italy

With the advent of cryptocurrency many commercial activities are beginning to accept altcoin as payment for the stay.
We have selected partners around the Italian territory who will accept ReB payment for everyone the visitors, so who will have funded the project or will have sold their artworks on ours marketplace, you can finally enjoy the well-deserved rest in Italy, eating our food and enjoying all the artworks we offer to our visitors.

The Rinascimento project wants to propose a system that is efficient and already functional, our team decide to use the platform based on ethereum to launch a first version secure, reliable and usable.  Adapting to the demand and the observations of the users of this currency in the country of Sicily, and the rest of Italy.


How will we earn money to start work?

On our site will be opened a section where artists from all over the world can put on sale their artwork, every form of art! you can sell songs, paintings or sculptures, everything you do you have created and thought artistic.
The artist once subscribed, will be able to post his sales listings on our site by simply paying a commission of 5% on each single sale made. The artist will pay the commission in ReB only when the purchase is completed.
Once they have received their ReBs they will be able to change them in the exchanges they will partner with our project, or have a holyday at hotels that will accept ReB as a payment!

Our Technology 

Secure storage for evidence in blockchain. Evidence is saved on thousands of computers with constant continuous confirmation of authenticity.

Decentralized application featuring Smart Contract is executed on a decentralized Ethereum virtual machine and manages recording and access.

With ReB you will be able to restore an old artwork. Live with your children the spectacle of old italian art

You Can Use Rinascimento For

Ripristinate Art’s Life

Every six months you can choose a sculpture, a painting or a historic building to be restored in the next two months.

Spend Your Time In Italy

You will spend your holidays in hotels, bars and restaurants that accept ReB, simply paying with ReB.

Exclusive Marketplace

An exclusive market where you can buy unique artwork , paying with your ReB, or other Cryptocurrency.




25,000,000 ReB tokens will be offered to the public through a crowdsale. The sale will continue until one of the following conditions is met:

50000 ETH is collected, or
25,000,000 ReB tokens are sold, or
30 days after launch

ReB price will change throughout the sale period depending on the total amount of tokens sold and the ethereum value.


Up to 12,500,000 ReB sold: 1 ReB = 0.0001 ETH / 1 ETH = 10000 ReB


12,500,001 to 25,000,000 ReB sold: 1 ReB = 0.0002 ETH / 1 ETH = 5000 ReB


Tokens will be released to buyers , and will be visible in the site immediately upon purchase.

The buyer can withdraw ReB after Step 1.



Launch date and time: 1 PM UTC, December 1, 2017

ReBs available for crowdsale: 25,000,000 ReB

Minimum Buying Transaction: We do not accept contributions under 0.1 ETH. Those contributions won't be treated as buying transactions and will be ignored


The actual amount of ReB: known after the end of the crowdsale 

Total amount of ReB : 34.000.000



The hard cap:  40,000 ETH

The ReB/ETH basic token price:  ≈700 ReB per 1 ETH


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